Wedding Questions Answered - Why Paper Extras Are Worth It

01 Apr 2017

Paper Street Dolls Wedding Garland


Happy 1st April! We're continuing our popular new blog series, Wedding Questions Answered, to help you learn more about Scotland's favourite wedding suppliers. This month we spoke to Paper Street Dolls, a pair of Glasgow-based sisters who create beautiful handmade paper decorations and wedding garlands.

We're nosy and would love to know a bit about your background. How did you get into weddings?

By accident! When we first started making and selling decorations, including our letter banners, we had quite a lot of general phrases like 'happy birthday' and 'just married' which is obviously wedding related. We noticed we were selling quite a lot of our Friend's inspired 'you're my lobster' banner to brides on Etsy, and when the opportunity came up for us to do a wedding fair in Edinburgh, we thought we'd give it a go!

Tell the truth, what are the best and worst things about working with a sibling?

They're probably the same thing – we've always been very close and similar in a lot of ways. That usually means we have a determination for getting work done, and creatively we have a lot of the same tastes especially regarding what direction we want to take things in. Sometimes though that determination means we can butts heads! We're both passionate about doing the best job we can, so we hash it out - any disagreements are pretty short lived and we just get on with it – classic sisters! It can also be a challenge to switch out of work mode because when we're together something work related always crops up. It's the same sort of problems that lots of self-employed people have!



Sell it to us, why do couples need Paper Street Dolls decor at their wedding?

It's a fun and easy way to add colour and personality into the aesthetic of the wedding day. The pops of colour and texture in our decor look great in wedding photos, especially where there may be a lot of neutral tones at a venue and in what the wedding party are wearing. We design all our décor around certain colour palettes so you'll always find matching items in our shop. We want couples to buy something they really love and then re-use for years to come as a keepsake of their day. We believe in decorations for life, so after the big day why not decorate your home, your Christmas tree or your baby's nursery with it!

Talk us through the process. How do you make your papery products?

Everything we do is handmade and designed in-house with attention to detail and quality materials sourced from the UK and France. We paint our garlands with various techniques before cutting them out and running them through the sewing machine with specific thread colours. Similarly the fringes are stitched and then cut for fringey effect. We use our stencils, scissors and scalpel for the letter banners and our origami pieces are simply folded with lots of patience and practice!



Can couples visit you in person, if so, what should they expect?

We actually work out of a home studio in Glasgow, so couples wouldn't be able to visit us in person. Following us on Instagram hopefully gives people a feel for our work, however if people were interested in seeing certain products in person before commiting to them we're happy to arrange a meet up where possible. We also do fairs occasionally that we give advance notice of on social media.

Lots of brides choose to DIY their wedding decor. Why does it help to work with a paper professional?

Same reason most brides would order a wedding cake or buy a dress instead of making it themselves. It takes time, patience, skill and practice to achieve great results and time can be at a premium when planning a wedding. We make decorations that no-one else does and have experience rising to various creative challenges so we can help take the stress out of the décor, creating something bespoke and Pinterest-worthy that looks great first time.

Our wedding spreadsheet is arranged with military precision. How much should we budget for a bespoke banner?

Our banners are very affordable and popular for weddings as they can be easily customised for personal words and phrases. We have a range of colours and charge £1 per letter (£1.25 per letter for our luxury double-sided gold and silver card) so our "MR&MRS" banner is only £6. We work with the couple to create something unique – we've done tassels with banners for dessert tables, and something like our giant origami hearts (which can be used as a guestbook) are £30. Currently we are finishing up an order for an origami crane backdrop – strands of suspended cranes, we think its going to look great!


Paper Street Dolls Wedding Banner


You're Glasgow School of Art graduates, what's your favourite thing about the city?

There is always something going on in Glasgow – it is definitely a hub for creativity whether its design, art, food, performing arts or music. Having that pool of creativity on your doorstep can only be a good thing, there's always been an energy and vibrancy about the city because there is so much talent living and working here.

Give us your best piece of advice for brides to be.

We reckon there is no right way to have a wedding day – it can be as simple or elaborate as you want! It should be an enjoyable process to plan and experience so allow enough time to get everything done without stress, whatever you have in mind to make your day special for you, your partner and your loved ones.

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