Wedding Questions Answered - Essential Info About The Red Bus

01 Mar 2017


Happy 1st March! In our new blog series, Wedding Questions Answered, we'll be interviewing some of Scotland's popular wedding suppliers, to get the answers to your most pressing planning questions. Pop back on the first day of every month, to find out everything you've ever wanted to know about Scotland's favourite independent wedding businesses. 


Lets begin with The Red Bus, an Edinburgh-based wedding transport service with three fantastic Routemaster buses. 


Hello Sam, we're nosy and would love to know a bit about your background. How did you get into weddings?
The business started with a love of Routemasters, and weddings grew out of that. The Routemaster was part of daily life for me growing up in London, they were around in big numbers right throughout my childhood up to my late twenties. When we moved to Edinburgh my wife got so sick of me going on about them that she suggested we buy one, almost to shut me up. She is a very special wife. We got our first one almost 10 years ago and now the fleet numbers three.


Sell it to us, why should we hire a bus for our wedding guests?
The Routemaster is no ordinary bus – it's a design classic. "Iconic" is overused but the Routemaster is iconic. It's curvy and kind of friendly and stylish as well as having the open platform and chrome poles and a conductor with an original clicking, whirring Gibson ticket machine and... well, whole books have been written about the Routemaster and The Red Bus Routemasters are in tip-top condition. Children love them, grownups love them, everyone loves them. Add to that, the buses take up to 64 guests so they're practical and replace a lot of cars.


Our guests are coming from different locations, can we schedule a few stops?
Of course, multiple stops can work fine as long as you don't overcomplicate it. And make sure someone on board knows who's supposed to get on where!


People can take ages to reply, what's the best way to share transport info with our guests?
We suggest a group email, Facebook event page or......(a Jack & Jess transport card inspired by the red bus!)




Oh dear, the budget is looking tight, what's your minimum price?
Our usual price of £750 covers anything up to three hours and includes fresh flowers throughout the bus so you can save a bit there.

We fancy a little tipple, can we drink on the bus? Yes, we can stop somewhere scenic for a toast. We can also chill your drinks for you at our base.

After we've danced the night away, do you offer late night returns?
We don't do late night returns, I'm afraid - drink and the open platform don't go well.


My dog Bruce wants to join in the fun, is he welcome on the bus?
Bruce is welcome. We would never turn away a well behaved dog.


No offence, but vintage buses are often a tad elderly, how fast does the bus go and should we factor extra time into our journey?
How dare you?! The Routemaster is capable of double the current Edinburgh city centre limit!


You must have some funny wedding stories, and we like to laugh, care to share? Sometimes our brides like to climb into the cab for a photo. They don't always find it so easy to get out.


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